Survival tips

Paintball is a sport such as any other. Here team spirit, cooperation and communication are of great importance.

Of course experience also plays a major role for a successful game.

A few tips that can help you survive:

  • The most important places on the playing field are the flanks of the field. These flanks must certainly be occupied by the best attackers.
  • The midfield players have always a defensive function.
  • A commonly occurring error is to play along one side of the area while the other side remains open and uncontrolled.
    So always keep an eye on the two sides of the field.
  • Never attack through the middle of the field. It is possible that you might be shot by your own team members, and then you are of course also taken out of the game.
  • Always communicate with your own team members. If a left-wing player sees two opponent players approaching without calling for help and he is eliminated, then the left flank is weakened.
  • Always keep on the move. If you stay too long in one position the chances are bigger that the opponents know where you are.
  • Always take part in the game. Otherwise your team plays with one player less.