Frequently Asked Questions

Does the paint come out of your clothes?

This is not paint as such, despite the name.

If it contained real paint then paintball would be prohibited all over the world. Finally, you would be fouling the environment.

The ball is actually made of 60% water and 40% gelatine. The shell is made out of the same ingredients as medicine capsules we swallow. 

How does such a ball feel when you are shot?

It is just like getting an injection at the doctor. It pricks and it’s gone.

How far can you shoot?

Approximately 80 metres in a slight arc, but it is usually to be done within 20 metres. At this distance you can shoot straight.

If I am hit, may I continue to play?

You will then be taken out of this game. You must leave the game and go to the safety area.

You have to wait there until everyone is out of the game and the winner is known. After a short pause we start again. The waiting does not take more than a quarter of an hour.

How do you recognise your opponent?

Your opponent has a different colour of safety mask.

What is absolutely prohibited?

Not wearing your safety mask or wearing it incorrectly. Therefore, there are always one or several game leaders (marshals) on the playing field who keep an eye on your safety.

What should I do if I have a problem on the playing field?

Shout “marshal” very loudly and you will be helped immediately.

Definitely stay where you are, do not stand up on and do not walk towards the marshal.

What is Paintball good for?

Paintball is a sport such as any another, competitions are held inland and abroad. It is simply a way of having fun among friends in a different way.

By playing paintball, you get a different view of shooting, where you also notice how teamwork is important, in a fun way.

What do I do if I still have some bullets left after the game?

Don’t worry. We always make sure there’s a game when you can use your last bullets. In this game you can continue to play even though you are hit more than 20 times.