Welcome with Paintball Arena

Do you like a day full of action and excitement? Then paintball is just the thing for you.
Paintball is the ideal activity for an exciting daytrip, teambuilding...
but also for a successful birthday party or bachelor party.


Why choose Paintball Arena?

Simple. Paintball Arena offers an excellent location, years of experience and expertise, up-to-date materials and so much more.
Beautiful location

Paintball Arena has four extensive areas with each their own properties and characteristics.
The day of your presence you can play on two of these areas.

Up-to-date material

Thanks to the well maintained equipment of Paintball Arena, you can enjoy the game even more.
You get a jumpsuit, paintball gun and safety mask that protects your eyes, nose, mouth, chin and ears.

Expert guidance

The different game moments are always supervised by experienced Marshals.
They make sure everything goes smoothly and ensure that the general rules of the game are respected.

Something for everyone

Paintball is a very tactical sport with many variations. Hence various games are played.
Paintball will be unforgettable for a birthday party or bachelor party ... especially for the party boy or girl.

Frequently asked questions

How does it feel to be shot?
Can you get the paint out of your hair?

Get to know it quickly!


Survival tips

Do you know how you can survive longer?
How do I outwit my opposition?

Get to know it quickly!

Pricing Paintball

Paintball Standard

€ 30 pp
200 bullets
3 to 4 hours of fun

Paintball Arena

€ 40 pp
400 bullets
3 to 4 hours of fun

Paintball Rambo

€ 55 pp
650 bullets
3 to 4 hours of fun

Laser Paintball

€ 30 pp
8 to 25 participants
2.5 hours of fun

If you run out of ammunition before the end of the game, you can purchase extra bullets at 8 euro per 100 pellets.

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