• Paintball Arena is open every day of the year, subject to appointment.
  • There are two free showers available.
  • There is no possibility for electronic payment (no pin card reader on site).
  • There are vending machines available with different beverages. During the game alcohol is only for the spectators.
  • Spectators can safely watch the game.
  • The cafeteria is open from April until the end of September.
  • No cars are permitted on the domain. There is a large parking area at the entrance of the domain.


  • When booking online, you can check the current availability
  • With reservations with less than 10 participants, 10 participants will still be charged
  • The maximum number of participants is 200
  • Read the terms and conditions when you book a reservation

Frequently asked questions

How does it feel to be shot?
Can you get the paint out of your hair?

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Survival tips

Do you know how you can survive longer?
How do I outwit my opposition?

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Some of the rules of the game

To ensure the safety of all participants we ask to respect a few rules:

  • The minimum age of the participants is 16 years.
  • Participants younger than 16 years are required to have the authorisation of their parents/guardian. (print the proxy form)
  • It is forbidden to bring along alcoholic beverages or to drink during the game.
  • Arrive drunk will mean that, for safety reasons, you won’t be allowed to participate.
  • It is not allowed to shoot outside the playing field.
  • It is not allowed to shoot at each other within a radius of 5 meters.
  • Each participant is obliged to wear his or her mask at all times in the shooting zones, even though the game is finished. Whatever happens, you are never insured for your eyes.
  • It is not permitted to bring your own balls.
  • Each game is played under the expert guidance of several Marshals.
  • Persons who do not meet the above conditions can be excluded.
  • Wear preferably sturdy shoes. High heels or sandals are absolutely not recommended.