Laser paintball - Lasergame

No paint ... only fun

It is an excellent alternative for children, but adults will also enjoy this adrenaline fuelled game.

Play in different groups for 2.5 hours and enjoy plenty of variations of 15 minutes each, just as with the classic paintball.

The group that has the most lives remaining is the winner.

8 to 25 persons

The standard package is 30 euros per person.

2.5 hours playing pleasure under professional guidance, for groups of minimum 8 up to a maximum of 25 persons.

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Different formulas

Paintball is a very tactical sport with many variations.

At Paintball Arena you will find for example:

  • camp attacks
  • capture the flag
  • protect the president
  • total eradication
  • punish the bachelor
  • and much more ...

We will explain the games.

We leave tactics and strategy to you.

Have fun.

Different terrains

Paintball Arena has four extensive areas with each their own properties and characteristics.

You can use an inclined playground with low vegetation with numerous wooden fences, a tower and other objects that can offer shelter.

The day of your presence you can play on two of these areas


With laser paintball a safety mask or coverall is not necessary.

Wear preferably sturdy shoes. High heels or sandals are not recommended.